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Leadership Lessons: What is the Black Belt Mindset?

Week 4: A Black Belt is Always Learning

We as Black Belts are always learning! That is why there is no true ending to Martial arts. Many people believe that once you get your Black Belt that is the end, but in fact it is only the beginning.

 My instructor always told me that achieving your colour belts really means that you are perfecting your basics. And that achieving your colour belts are the stairs to the top of the building. Once you’ve achieved your Black Belt you finally open the door to Martial Arts!

The Black Belt Mindset means you have a coachable/teachable attitude. This means you can learn something from anyone no matter what age or level! Black Belts are always seeking information, new methods of training, and feedback so they can improve! In order to grow as a Martial Artist and as a leader you must be willing to keep learning!

As a fourth degree Black Belt, I keep challenging myself to learn new katas, weapons, and teaching methods, because I strongly believe that if you’re not growing then you are shrinking… think about that for a second. Think of yourself as a tree, and that all the knowledge and experience you gain makes you taller and stronger!

Some people don’t believe me, but I actually learned the most about Martial arts and leadership from teaching and mentoring my students! Throughout my years of coaching and Instructing I’ve trained over 10 World Champions, all this experience of helping them achieve their goals, seeing what obstacles they’ve had to overcome has made me the Instructor that I am today.

The biggest lesson I want you to take from this week is that Black belts don’t have an ego and are not closed-minded; they are always willing to learn and grow!

Written By: Renshi Imran Jaffer

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