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Leadership Lessons: What is the Black Belt Mindset?

A Mindset refers to an individual’s habitual or characteristic mental attitude, which determines how you will interpret and respond to certain situations. Some people may have a negative mindset, and some have a positive mindset. As a leader, you have to have a strong mindset, because your followers are attracted and respond well to a strong mindset. Your followers are more inclined to listen to you if you are strong, charismatic, and always positive. This month we will talk about a few aspects of having a strong Black Belt Mindset!

Week 1: Positive Vibes Only!


Having a Black Belt Mindset is seeing what is as only what is. No judging or analyzing things as good or bad. Choosing to live positively and choosing to see the good and brightness in the world or in any situation. A Black Belt is one who shines on and cares for others just like a true leader should.

Negativity can damage your relationships with your followers, friends, and family because it influences others to be negative and may ruin their day or mood. Also, when you have a negative attitude it affects your training, it causes you to not put as much effort, and give up easily!

Remember that people are naturally attracted to positive people, positive situations, and positive atmospheres! I always tell my instructors to leave the negativity out the door; nobody will be motivated by your negative attitude!



















Written By: Renshi Imran Jaffer

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