Believe in Yourself

Leadership Lessons: What is the Black Belt Mindset?

Week 3: Believe in yourself!

Having a Black Belt mindset means you are confident in your abilities to achieve anything or solve any problem! Typically, after achieving many of our short-term goals we feel more confident in ourselves, which is why Black Belts are so sure of themselves.

It’s hard to take action towards a goal if deep down you don’t truly believe you can achieve it. And it’s even harder to put in the consistent work that you need to put in, in order to reach any worthwhile goal. However, if you believe in yourself, you’ll feel motivated to take action, you’ll stay motivated over long periods of time, and you won’t be discouraged by mistakes or setbacks. You’ll be inclined to simply see them as a part of the process, and you’ll keep going despite them, until you get what you want. This, of course, will reinforce your self-belief!


Many people see some problems as impossible to solve, when a Black Belt faces adversity, they don’t say “Why me?” they say, “Try me!”

Another important aspect of Self Belief is mastering Self Dialogue. I know it sounds crazy but YES you have to talk to yourself! Give yourself positive reinforcement; motivate yourself before a grading, test, or presentation. There will be many occasions that you won’t have someone to motivate you, so sometimes you have to do it yourself!

Examples: When I am getting ready to teach classes, as I am tying my belt I tell myself “ Today is going to be a good day, I am going to teach the best classes because I am the best instructor in the world!”

When I am training I tell myself “ I am feeling strong today!”












Written By: Renshi Imran Jaffer

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