Week 4

Leadership Lessons: Problem Solving Skills

Week Four: Evaluating and Executing your Solution



“Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity”

– Gerhard Gschwandtner


Now that we have some ideas to help us with our problem, it is time to figure out which decision or action we are going to take. A very simple way to look at the solution is a PRO and CON list. This looks at what the possible benefits or consequences our choice could make.


Image result for creating a pro and con list


Either yourself or with a team, list all of the possible benefits that could come out of this particular decision. Also consider how important each one is. Then do the same for the negatives. What could go wrong if I make this decision? Sometimes you may not even have any in one column. That is ok. As long as you are open-minded and try to honestly think of all the outcomes you will be on your way to finding that solution.


The last step is to evaluate the outcome of the solution. Sometimes we need to try many different things before we get the right result. Remember that this is ok. It is a good thing when we fail, as long as we continue to grow!














Take some of the options you listed last week and make a PRO/CON list for them. Once you’ve done this choose the best one based on what you see in your list. Do this a few times. Remember that it takes practice to develop these skills!

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